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tinyWASH at the MORELO Open in Schlüsselfeld: An annual highlight for motorhome enthusiasts

Every year, motorhome lovers from all over the world are drawn to Schlüsselfeld, an idyllic small town in Franconia. The reason? The MORELO Open – an event entirely dedicated to luxury motorhomes and an absolute must for all mobile accommodation enthusiasts.

The MORELO Open, organized by the well-known German luxury motorhome manufacturer MORELO Reisemobile, is an annual meeting where everything revolves around the latest developments and trends in the world of motorhomes. From sumptuous interiors to innovative technologies to the latest models - there is something for everyone to discover here.

The event offers visitors the opportunity to admire the latest MORELO models up close and explore the latest features and designs. But the Morelo Open is more than just an exhibition. Like-minded people meet here, exchange experiences and celebrate their love of mobile life together. Lectures, workshops and live demonstrations are part of the program, as are cozy evenings with live music and culinary highlights from the region.

Schlüsselfeld, home of the MORELO Open, offers the perfect setting for this event. The charming city in Bavaria exudes a cozy atmosphere and is known for its hospitality. And the surrounding landscape offers numerous opportunities for excursions and exploration, making the event a real highlight for all motorhome enthusiasts.

The MORELO Open is a homage to mobile life and offers a unique insight into the world of luxury motorhomes. It is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, gain new inspiration and discover the latest developments on the market. Whether you're a long-time RV enthusiast or a curious beginner, the Morelo Open in Schlüsselfeld is an event you shouldn't miss.

This year tinyWASH is also there and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the leading washer-dryer for motorhomes with an information stand and a demonstration device. Visit us.

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