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Discontinued model, only limited quantities available.

Successor model: tinyWASH WT-1-EU-W


The tiny WASH is a mini washing machine optimized for camping use with an integrated dryer and numerous additional functions. Despite its compact design, the range of functions of the tiny WASH is almost in no way inferior to a standard household washing machine/washer-dryer and offers the comfort of being at home when you are on the go.

It can wash up to 3 kg of laundry (1.5 kg nominal capacity, overload capacity up to 3 kg in some washing programs, see menu item). Technical data and oursFAQ), has 5 programs with washing temperatures between 30 °C and 90 °C.

The integrated dryer (nominal capacity 1.5 kg)  is a real dryer with a heating output of 1,400 watts and not just a spinning unit, as is the case with camping machines.


The device was specially optimized for mobile use in motorhomes or caravans and with a weight of just 17 kg and a low installation depth of 35 cm, it finds its place in almost every motorhome.

In addition to being used when camping, the washing machine and dryer are of course also very suitable for other mobile purposes, such as boats, yachts, buses, as well as coaches and tour buses.


For washing cycles, the machine can be supplied with hot water of up to 60°C from the motorhome's on-board electrical system, which means that there is no need to heat the water electrically - this saves massive amounts of electricity and protects the battery life when there is no shore power available.


Optionally with extended warranty for 60 months.

Europe-wide mobility guarantee. If defective, exchange within the EU within 7 working days (see conditions).


For further information, please see the PDF flyer and the detailed description below.


WEEE reg. no. DE 89158996

tinyWASH WT-1-W washer dryer, white

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