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Dealers and specialist workshops

Dealers and specialist workshops for installing our washing machines and washer-dryers for motorhomes, caravans & boat

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: tinyWASH can be viewed on site at the exhibition

Dealer & Partner      REGISTRATION

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Are you interested in becoming a tinyWASH® dealer, sales or installation partner?

Please contact us.

tinyWASH's Europe-wide partner network offers customers key advantages, especially when it comes to purchasing and supporting our camping washing machines, mini washing machines and mini washer dryers for motorhomes. With access to a wide network of specialist dealers and service centers, customers can benefit from fast, expert service and support anywhere in Europe for the tinyWASH mini washing machines. Whether you are on a long trip or need a local dealer to purchase a new mini washer dryer, the robust partner network ensures that you always have access to professional advice. This availability significantly increases the reliability and ease of use of tinyWASH appliances, making them the ideal choice for any camping, motorhome and boating enthusiast.

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