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tinyWASH Premium service without any ifs and buts.

Our extra services for your relaxed trip.

Europe-wide Mobility guarantee.

Mobility guarantees are now standard in the vehicle sector, but not for accessories. Even if our washer-dryers are not vehicles, we still offer you a Europe-wide “washing guarantee”. If you have problems with your washing machine or the integrated dryer while traveling that our telephone service cannot solve with you, we will provide you with one during the warranty period (including warranty extension) upon requestfree rental device, including transport costs within the EU, until the repair of your device is completed.  Even after the warranty period, we will provide you with a loaner device for a weekly flat rate*. We guarantee delivery of a loaner device at a timeLocation of your choicein Germany within 3 working days**, in other EU countries within 7 working days**. If you happen to pass by us (Zentrallager Campfort GmbH, 91126 Schwabach) on your trip, you can take the rental device with you during our opening hours.

Up to 5 yearsGuarantee.

With our optional extended warranty you can extend the regular 2-year warranty by 12, 24 or 36 months.

Europe-wide Partner network. (Currently AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, NL)

With our constantly growing network of specialist dealers, specialist workshops and body manufacturers, we offer you qualified partners for the installation and purchase of our devices who are happy to support you - even in your area.

GuaranteedRepair and replacement times.

Everyone has probably had the experience of repairing devices, sending devices in and then waiting several weeks or sometimes months for the repair.

If you experience a defect in your device during the warranty period (including warranty extension), we guarantee that it will be repaired within 14 days of receipt of the device. If this is not possible in exceptional cases, you will receive a replacement device from us.

* We provide the rental device free of charge during the guarantee period, and after the guarantee period has expired for EUR 25 per week. During the guarantee period, we cover the transport costs within Germany and the EU. After the guarantee period, we will charge the DHL transport tariff valid at the time for transport. This service is only provided to buyers of a tinyWASH washer-dryer who purchased their device via the tinyWASH website, a tinyWASH distributor, partner, dealer or body manufacturer. We do not provide loan or rental equipment without the prior purchase of a tinyWASH washer-dryer. Subject to change.

** The delivery times stated are based on DHL's usual transit times; in individual cases there may be delays in transport.

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