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Deliveries to Switzerland via our partner meineinkauf.CH.

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How does work?

Through, private customers and companies with residence or business headquarters in Switzerland (or Liechtenstein) can purchase goods from online retailers in Germany and have them sent to their address in Switzerland.

As a customer you will receive an email address. If you use this email address and purchase and pay for goods on behalf of MeinEinkauf GmbH (Germany), your purchase will be delivered to you in Switzerland, fully cleared and taxed, by MeinEinkauf AG (Switzerland).

You do not pay any import taxes or presentation taxes.

For delivery from any online retailer in Germany (e.g. pay - often even without shipping costs - the same final price as customers in Germany (in euros) and a service fee starting at CHF 17.90 to (see Price list), which includes customs clearance and shipping to your address in Switzerland.

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