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Four new partners in the expedition motorhome industry - tinyWASH expands market presence

Updated: Jan 17

tinyWASH, the renowned specialist for washing machines with dryer functions in motorhomes and boats, has recently significantly expanded its market presence in the global motorhome and expedition mobile segment. By winning four new partnerships with leading companies in this area - Kerkamm Weltreisemobile in Elmshorn, Action Mobil in Austria, Kashmir Overlander in Meerbusch and Exploryx Fahrzeugmanufaktur in Oberstaufen - tinyWASH strengthens its position as a market leader and underlines its commitment to quality and innovation in the Motorhome industry.

Kerkamm world travel mobiles, Elmshorn

As one of the new partners, Kerkamm Weltreisemobile is characterized by its many years of experience and expertise in building world travel mobiles. Based in Elmshorn, the company offers tailor-made solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of globetrotters. The integration of the compact and economical tinyWASH washer-dryers into their vehicles enables Kerkamm to offer its customers even greater self-sufficiency and comfort on long journeys.

Further information about Kerkamm Weltreisemobile:

Action Mobil, Austria

Action Mobil, based in Austria, is known for its robust and high-quality expedition mobiles. By partnering with tinyWASH, Action Mobil can now integrate an additional dimension of comfort into its vehicles. The combination of Action Mobil's robust construction and tinyWASH's efficient, space-saving washing technology is ideal for adventurers who don't want to compromise on quality and functionality.

More information about Action Mobil:

Kashmir Overlander, Sea Bush

Kashmir Overlander from Meerbusch, has specialized in individually adapted motorhomes for demanding trips. Partnering with tinyWASH allows Kashmir Overlander to offer its customers an additional option for convenience and functionality. The tinyWASH machines fit perfectly with the elegant and practical design solutions that Kashmir Overlander develops for its demanding customers.

More information about Kashmir Overlander:

Exploryx vehicle manufactory, Oberstaufen

Exploryx vehicle manufactory, based in Oberstaufen, is known for its custom-made and highly functional expedition vehicles. By integrating tinyWASH wall-mounted washers and dryers into their vehicles, Exploryx now offers its customers additional convenience and efficiency on their adventures. The partnership underlines Exploryx and tinyWASH's shared vision of enabling travel to remote areas without sacrificing everyday comfort.

More information about Exploryx:

With these four new partnerships, tinyWASH consolidates its leading position in the field of motorhome equipment. The collaboration with Kerkamm Weltreisemobile, Action Mobil, Kashmir Overlander and Exploryx Fahrzeugmanufaktur reflects tinyWASH's commitment to offering innovative and high-quality solutions for mobile life and travel.

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