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Housekeeping joy in the motorhome - your own washing machine on boardBe on the move – discover the world. That's joy. But if daily household tasks take up time and energy, then the holiday mood is at risk.Washing and drying laundry is an issue. Laundromats are usually available at every parking space, but sometimes at the other end of the parking space, occupied or even dirty.
Enjoy having your own mini washing machine from tinyWASH on board. WASH-AIR-DRY. The device was specially optimized for mobile use in motorhomes or caravans and with a weight of just 17 kg and a low installation depth of 35 cm, it will find its place in almost every motorhome.

For washing cycles, the machine can be supplied with hot water of up to 60°C from the motorhome's on-board electrical system, which means that there is no need to heat the water electrically - this saves massive amounts of electricity and protects the battery life when there is no shore power available.The dealer offers a nationwide network of specialist workshops for professional installation in the motorhome or in the storage space. But even installing it yourself is no problem for those with good craftsmanship. Installation examples are shown on the website.A mobility guarantee during the guarantee period ensures a Europe-wide “washing guarantee”.
Make the washing woman's heart beat faster with the tinyWASH WT-1.Price: from €1,169.00 including VATHave a good trip and nice days with freshly smelling laundry.
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