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Updated: Jan 30

New models tinyWASH WT-1-EU-W (white) and WT-1-EU-S (silver grey/chrome)

  • Can be ordered from November 20th, 2023

  • Delivery from January 11, 2024

  • Prices remain unchanged

tinyWASH has worked intensively on improvements and optimizations of the tinyWASH WT-1 over the past few months. We would like to briefly introduce you to the most important innovations in this preliminary information.

What doesn't change?The basic design, dimensions, weight, suspension/mounting and water connections, as well as the power connection remain completely unchanged.


What technical innovations will the next generation of devices bring?

eco 40-60 washing program

The new generation of devices comes with an "eco 40-60" Energy saving program and therefore complies with the EU Ecodesign Directive for household washer dryers in the future. By implementing the "eco 40-60" program, the current “Air” ventilation function is no longer available. on the control display.

Reduced line consumption

The power consumption in drying mode has been reduced from the current 1,400 watts to 1,000 watts; the power consumption of 1,500 watts in washing mode remains unchanged.

More payload

The engine is structurally reinforced and has optimized performance, which means that in the future a maximum load of up to 3.3 kg will be possible on the machine. (net load 2.5 kg)

Reduced water consumption

The automatic water quantity regulation has been optimized, which means that up to 10% less water is used, depending on the washing program and load.


What new models are there and what prices apply?

Devices in WHITE color

tinyWASH WT-1-EU-W replaces the previous model WT-1-W.

The list price of the new devices remains unchanged at 1,169 euros.

Devices in color SILVER GRAY / CHROME

tinyWASH WT-1-EU-S replaces the previous model WT-1-C.

The list price of the new devices remains unchanged at 1,239 euros.


When can the new generation of devices be ordered?

The new devices can be ordered from November 20th, 2023 in our online shop and from our partners and dealers.


When will the new devices be delivered?

Orders for our new WT-1-EU-W and WT-1-EU-S will be delivered from January 11th, 2024 and January 19th, 2024 respectively.


How long is the old generation of devices available to order?

The stocks of the previous generation of devices (WT-1-W / WT-1-C) will be sold off gradually in the coming weeks and will probably no longer be available for order end of November.

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