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Versatile tinyWASH mini washing machines with dryers: perfect for camping, boating and more!

tinyWASH mini washing machines with an integrated dryer offer a compact and powerful package for a wide range of applications. Especially when it comes to camping, motorhomes, motorhomes, caravans, vans, expedition vehicles, coaches, tour buses, boats and yachts, these washer-dryers can be real lifesavers.

For the camper - washer-dryer in motorhomes and motorhomes

The cozy caravan or spacious motorhome becomes a fully equipped home on wheels with the mini fully automatic washing machine from tinyWASH. With its compact dimensions, the washer-dryer fits even into small niches, meaning it can also be stored in a motorhome or camping van. So nothing stands in the way of an independent camping adventure, even on long trips.

For the adventurer – mini fully automatic washing machine in the expedition vehicle or van

A van or off-road truck is often more than just a vehicle - for many it is a loyal companion on road trips and adventures. With its space-saving design, the tinyWASH washer-dryer fits perfectly into almost any vehicle, where it ensures clean and fresh clothes, no matter where the journey goes and how long it lasts.

For the traveler – washing machine with dryer in the coach and tour bus

On longer journeys by coach or tour bus, a tinyWASH washer-dryer is an invaluable extra. Travelers can refresh their wardrobe while getting from one place to the next, and bus companies can benefit from this additional service. A clean and well-groomed appearance of the staff is guaranteed by the possibility of washing and drying their work clothes on the go, without having to rely on laundromats.

For the sailor – mini washing machines on boats and yachts

There should be no lack of comfort on a boat tour or a yacht. The tinyWASH washing machines and dryers are robust enough to provide reliable service even on the high seas. They fit perfectly into the limited space on a boat or yacht and ensure that clothes stay fresh and clean even during extended stays on the water.

Whether you are a camping lover with a motorhome, an adventurer with a van, a tour guide with a tour bus or the captain of a fancy yacht - tinyWASH's mini washing machines with integrated dryer are suitable for every situation. With these compact and powerful devices, clean laundry is always at hand when you're on the move.

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