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Installation KIT for installation in the rear garage with which only a few holes need to be drilled into the wooden paneling of the motorhome.


To determine the correct installation height, please note the information in the “Determine dimensions” section.




2 pieces of aluminum profile 8 - 40x40N-2N90 length variable depending on the order with M8 threaded holes at the top for adjustable feet

2 pieces aluminum profile 8 - 40x40N-2N90 length 500 mm

2 pieces of aluminum profile 8 - 40x40N-2N90 length 500 mm, each with 2x D12 holes for tinyWASH attachment

8 pieces angle 8-Zn - 40x40x40 complete. Sets with cover caps

4 screw brackets 58x40

Pack of 2 screw-on angles, 40 x 40, galvanized

2 pieces countersunk head screw M8 x 12

Pack of 6 slot nuts - 8 / M 8 23x13.3x7.0 mm

2 pieces of articulated adjustable foot D40 with arm, M8x40

4 pieces pan head screw M 8 x 12 /- without flange, galvanized



All aluminum profiles in design version, profile closed on two sides.


Screws not included, please clarify the maximum length of the screws with your specialist workshop or the manufacturer of your mobile)


To distribute the load, we recommend 16mm to 20mm thick multiplex panels above and below the bracket (see drawing).



Installation KIT for rear garage

VAT Included
  • delivery time

    Since our installation kit is custom-made, the delivery time is usually 14 days.

  • return

    Please note that this item is custom-made and cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • Technical drawing with parts list

  • 3D model as a PDF file

  • Determine dimensions

    To ensure that the frame fits into the intended installation location in your vehicle, please proceed as follows:

    If you carry out the assembly without reinforcement and anti-slip mat:

    Measure the exact height of the installation location in cm (for example in the rear garage from floor to ceiling).


    If you theAssembly with reinforcement and anti-slip mat If you want to carry out this, you must subtract the installation height of the reinforcement and the anti-slip mat from the value determined above:

    For better understanding you will find an overview drawing in this PDF.



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