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Wash like at home

  • 5 washing programs

  • Boiled laundry at up to 90° C

  • Hand wash, rinse and spin

  • Dryer function

tiny WASH -  The mobile washer-dryer for on the go with the performance of a full-fledged household machine.

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at more than 50 dealers, specialist workshops and body manufacturers

Upon request also including installation


The tinyWASH® manages up to 3 kg of laundry in washing mode and 1.5 kg of laundry* in drying mode with a drum volume of 17 liters.

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*See technical data. Rated capacity 1.50 kg, capable of overloading up to 3 kg in certain washing programs.

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More service
even when traveling

Europe-wide “mobility guarantee”, up to 5 years guarantee, free loaner device in the event of a defect and much more. The tinyWASH premium service.

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Weighing only 17 kg and an installation depth of 35 cm, the tinyWASH There is a place in almost every motorhome or camper.

compact & light

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Easy handling
smart dosage

5 washing programs - each individually adjustable in terms of temperature (up to 90°C), amount of water and spin duration. The tinyWASH® Additionally has a SMART program with automatic dosing of the amount of detergent and adjustment of the washing time depending on the load.

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Use sparingly
water & energy

The electricity requirement in the quick wash cycle (15 minutes) is only 0.39 kWh per wash cycle, the water requirement is just 0.39 kWh

12 liters per quick wash cycle and 18 liters for regular wash cycles.


self-sufficient wash

The tinyWASH® is optimized for camping use and can be fed with up to 60°C hot water from the on-board electrical system - this reduces the energy requirement for 40°C wash cycles to approx. 0.7 kWh per wash cycle*.

* Depending on the water temperature supplied.


Accesories& extras

The tiny WASH® can be installed without drilling many holes in the high-quality paneling of your motorhome. You can find suitable installation sets, any necessary lifting pumps and pressurized water pumps in our shop.

From campers, for campers.

We are campers ourselves and have tested our tiny WASH extensively.

The tiny WASH is a mini washing machine with an integrated dryer for motorhomes and camping with numerous additional functions. In terms of functionality, the tiny WASH is almost in no way inferior to a standard household washing machine/washer-dryer. It can wash up to 3 kg of laundry (depending on the respective washing program) and dry 1.5 kg of laundry.

The device has been specially optimized for mobile camping use in motorhomes, caravans and campers, as well as boats. Thanks to its compact design and a weight of just 17 kg, it can fit in almost every motorhome. For washing cycles, the mini washer-dryer can be supplied with hot water of up to 60°C from the on-board electrical system of the motorhome, motorhome, camper or boat, which means that there is no need to heat the water electrically - this saves massive amounts of electricity and protects the battery life when used There is no shore power available when camping or free. 

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