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Erwin Hymer Center Stuttgart - New tinyWASH partner

tinyWASH, the specialist for innovative washing machines with integrated dryers for mobile lifestyles, has taken a decisive step to expand its market presence in Germany. Through a new partnership with the Erwin Hymer Center Stuttgart, one of the leading providers of motorhomes and caravans in Baden-Württemberg, tinyWASH is now also available in Stuttgart. This collaboration signals the continued growth and increasing acceptance of tinyWASH products in the German market, especially among motorhome and caravan owners.

The importance of partnership

The partnership with the Erwin Hymer Center Stuttgart enables tinyWASH to significantly expand its reach within Germany and offer its innovative washing and drying solutions to a wider audience. Customers of the Erwin Hymer Center Stuttgart now benefit from the opportunity to retrofit their vehicles with the compact, efficient and environmentally friendly washing machines from tinyWASH, which guarantees the highest level of comfort and self-sufficiency during their trips.

About the Erwin Hymer Center Stuttgart

The Erwin Hymer Center Stuttgart stands for quality and excellence in the field of motorhomes and caravans. As part of the renowned Erwin Hymer Group, the center offers a comprehensive range of vehicles and accessories from leading brands. Customers value the expert advice, first-class service and wide selection that make the Erwin Hymer Center Stuttgart one of the preferred providers in the region.

With an impressive exhibition area, the Erwin Hymer Center Stuttgart presents the latest models and innovations in the industry. The facility is not only a sales point, but also a meeting place for camping and motorhome enthusiasts who want to exchange ideas about trends and benefit from others' experiences.

tinyWASH devices in the exhibition

It is expected that tinyWASH devices will also be available in the exhibition at the Erwin Hymer Center Stuttgart from May onwards. This initiative offers customers the unique opportunity to experience the washing machines up close before purchasing and be impressed by their quality, functionality and compact design. The presence of tinyWASH in the exhibition underlines the importance of this technology for the modern motorhome owner and provides an ideal platform to directly demonstrate the product's advantages.

The partnership between tinyWASH and the Erwin Hymer Center Stuttgart is a significant step for tinyWASH. With the upcoming presentation of tinyWASH devices in the exhibition, the Erwin Hymer Center Stuttgart will become a pioneer in the region by enabling its customers to discover a new dimension of comfort and self-sufficiency.

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