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Now in 4 Vanomobil showrooms in Belgium

tinyWASH's innovative mini washing machines with integrated dryer can now be viewed at four Vanomobil locations across Belgium. This new initiative allows interested parties to experience and test tinyWASH's popular appliances in a real environment before purchasing.

tinyWASH in Vanomobil showrooms

The integration of tinyWASH devices into the Vanomobil showrooms offers interested parties the unique opportunity to see the products directly, touch them and understand their functions in detail. Visitors can experience the devices in action, which promotes a deep understanding of the efficiency and quality of tinyWASH solutions.

tinyWASH Mini Washing Machine with Dryer Showroom

Advantages of a showroom visit

A visit to the showroom offers several advantages for customers:

  1. Product interaction : Customers can operate the devices themselves, giving them a better sense of usability and functionality.

  2. Tailored advice : Trained staff are on hand to answer any questions and discuss specific requirements, ensuring customers make an informed choice that precisely suits their needs.

  3. Quality assessment : Customers can examine the quality of materials and construction of the devices up close, which is often difficult to do online or remotely.

About Vanomobil

Vanomobil is one of the leading motorhome suppliers in Belgium, offering a wide range of vehicles and accessories for camping enthusiasts. With locations in several key regions of the country, Vanomobil has established itself as a trusted partner for high-quality motorhomes and excellent customer service. The company is known for its expertise in the industry and commitment to providing customers with the best products and services.


The possibility to view tinyWASH machines in the Vanomobil showrooms in Belgium marks an important step for tinyWASH to increase its visibility and accessibility. For customers, this means an excellent opportunity to see the quality and functionality of tinyWASH products first hand. Vanomobil, with its reputation for quality and customer satisfaction, is the ideal place to make tinyWASH's advanced washing machines accessible to a wider audience.

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