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tinyWASH expands presence in the maritime sector: New partnership with Olympic Marine S.A. in Lavrio, Greece

tinyWASH, the leading provider of compact washing machines with integrated dryers, is strengthening its position in the maritime sector through a new partnership with Olympic Marine SA in Lavrio, Attica, Greece. From now on, tinyWASH washing machines with dryers will be offered as an equipment option for Olympic Marine yachts and boats. This cooperation underlines tinyWASH's commitment to making its high-quality and practical laundry care solutions available in the nautical sector.

Advantages of tinyWASH on yachts

The washing machines with integrated dryer from tinyWASH offer numerous advantages that are particularly important for use on yachts and boats:

  1. Compact design : The devices are designed to fit into the limited space of yachts without wasting valuable space.

  2. Energy and water efficiency : With their low consumption, tinyWASH machines are ideal for use on board, where resources are often limited.

  3. Combination appliance : The integration of a washing machine and dryer in one appliance saves space and enables quick and easy laundry care.

  4. Robust construction : The machines are specifically designed to withstand the challenges at sea, including movement and moisture.

  5. Self-sufficient washing : Ideal for longer trips where no external washing facilities are available, so that the crew always has fresh laundry.

These advantages make tinyWASH an indispensable addition for yachts that want to ensure comfort and convenience even on the high seas.

About Olympic Marine SA

Olympic Marine SA in Lavrio, Attica is one of the most prestigious marinas in Greece, offering comprehensive services for yachts and boats. Strategically located on the coast of the Aegean Sea, the marina is known for its first-class infrastructure and excellent service. Olympic Marine has modern berths, highly qualified staff and a wide range of services ranging from maintenance and repair to tailor-made yacht outfitting options.

The marina attracts sailors from all over the world who appreciate the excellent conditions and professional service. With a capacity of over 700 berths and comprehensive technical facilities, Olympic Marine offers everything yacht owners and crews need to make their time at sea as pleasant and carefree as possible.

The new partnership between tinyWASH and Olympic Marine SA marks a significant step in expanding tinyWASH's market presence in the maritime sector. For Olympic Marine's customers, this means that they now have access to tinyWASH's advanced washing and drying solutions, which have been specifically developed for the needs of yachts. With this cooperation, both companies are setting a strong example of quality and innovation in the nautical sector by offering their customers practical and efficient solutions for a comfortable life on the water.

With tinyWASH appliances available as an equipment option for yachts and boats at Olympic Marine, yacht owners and crews can enjoy the comfort and convenience of modern laundry care even on the high seas. This not only increases the standard of living on board, but also contributes to self-sufficiency and independence during long trips.

Customer benefits through the partnership

This partnership brings numerous benefits to Olympic Marine customers:

  1. Increased convenience : Having a tinyWASH washing machine on board eliminates the need to seek out external washing facilities, saving time and making life at sea much easier.

  2. Comfort and hygiene : Fresh, clean clothes are an important factor for well-being on board. tinyWASH's efficient washing and drying functions ensure that the crew always has hygienic and well-maintained clothing at their disposal.

  3. Durability and Reliability : tinyWASH's rugged units are specifically designed for the harsh conditions at sea and provide reliable performance that yacht owners can rely on.

  4. Environmental friendliness : Thanks to low water and energy consumption, tinyWASH devices help reduce the ecological footprint, which is particularly important in maritime environments.


The introduction of tinyWASH as a shipyard supplier at Olympic Marine SA represents a significant expansion of the offering for yacht owners and crews in Greece. This partnership combines tinyWASH's expertise in developing compact, efficient washing machines with Olympic Marine's renowned service quality. Together they offer a first-class solution for onboard laundry care that significantly improves the comfort and quality of life on yachts. Through this cooperation, tinyWASH sets another milestone in its mission to provide innovative and practical solutions for the mobile lifestyle.

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