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tinyWASH expands presence in the off-road segment: New partnership with 4Wheel24

tinyWASH, the leading provider of compact mini washing machines with integrated dryers for mobile applications, has announced an exciting new partnership. By cooperating with 4Wheel24, a renowned provider of off-road and expedition vehicles, tinyWASH is significantly expanding its presence in the off-road segment. This partnership offers adventurers and off-road enthusiasts the opportunity to use tinyWASH's innovative laundry solutions even in extreme conditions.

About tinyWASH

tinyWASH specializes in the development of space-saving and efficient washing machines that are ideal for use in mobile homes, camper vans and now also off-road vehicles. The devices combine a washing machine and dryer in a single, compact device that is characterized by low water and energy consumption. These features make tinyWASH the perfect solution for travelers who value independence and comfort even in remote areas. Thanks to the robust construction, the devices are particularly durable and reliable, even under the toughest conditions.

About 4Wheel24

4Wheel24 is a leading off-road and expedition vehicle provider specializing in customized solutions for adventure and exploration. The company offers a wide range of vehicles and accessories designed for use in challenging terrains. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, 4Wheel24 has built an excellent reputation in the off-road community. Their vehicles are known for their robustness, reliability and performance, making them the first choice for adventure seekers who want to explore the world off the beaten track.

Benefits of the partnership

The new partnership between tinyWASH and 4Wheel24 brings numerous benefits for off-road enthusiasts:

1. Increased independence: With a tinyWASH washing machine on board, adventurers can wash and dry their laundry anytime, anywhere, without having to rely on external laundry facilities.

2. Space-saving and efficient: The compact design of the tinyWASH devices saves valuable space in off-road vehicles, while the low water and energy consumption conserves resources.

3. Robustness and reliability: The washing machines are specially designed for the harsh conditions of off-road use and offer reliable performance that can withstand the challenges of rough terrain.

4. Luxury and comfort: The integration of tinyWASH into 4Wheel24’s vehicles increases comfort and convenience for adventurers, enhancing the overall travel experience.


The partnership between tinyWASH and 4Wheel24 marks a significant step in expanding the range of products for off-road enthusiasts. By combining tinyWASH's innovative laundry solutions with 4Wheel24's robust and powerful vehicles, adventurers are given the best conditions for a comfortable and independent life on expeditions. This collaboration sets new standards in the industry and underlines the joint commitment of both companies to the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Further information about 4Wheel24:

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