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tinyWASH factory supplier at alphavan

tinyWASH, the leading provider of compact washing machines with integrated dryers, announces its new partnership with alphavan. From now on, tinyWASH will be the official factory supplier for alphavan, an innovative manufacturer of high-quality, tailor-made vans. This partnership marks an important milestone in tinyWASH's strategy to enrich the mobile lifestyle, even in more compact vehicles, with high-quality and practical solutions.

The partnership

The partnership between tinyWASH and alphavan is a clear commitment to quality and innovation. By integrating tinyWASH washing machines into alphavan's vehicles, customers are offered a new level of comfort and self-sufficiency. The combination of the mobility and flexibility of alphavan with the efficiency and ease of use of tinyWASH washing machines creates a perfect synergy for travelers who do not want to compromise.

The choice of tinyWASH as factory supplier underlines alphavan's commitment to providing its customers with only the best equipment. This allows travelers to be self-sufficient for longer while enjoying the convenience of clean laundry without relying on external facilities.

About alphavans

Alphavan has quickly made a name for itself as a manufacturer of premium vans designed for both adventure seekers and professional users. With a focus on quality, sustainability and individualization, alphavan stands out from other manufacturers. Alphavan's vehicles are known not only for their robustness and durability, but also for their innovative design, which offers efficient use of space and the highest level of comfort.

Alphavan represents a new generation of vans that blur the boundaries between motorhome, workplace and leisure vehicle. By partnering with tinyWASH, alphavans is taking another step towards complete solutions for people who lead an active and mobile lifestyle.


The partnership between tinyWASH and alphavan is a promising step forward for anyone who wants to enjoy the freedom of traveling in a van without having to forgo the conveniences of modern life. By integrating the tinyWASH washing machines into the vans, alphavan now offers its customers an even higher level of independence and comfort. This collaboration is proof that innovation and quality go hand in hand. With tinyWASH as a factory supplier, alphavan is well positioned to better meet the needs of modern travelers.

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