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tinyWASH now also on Lake Constance

tinyWASH, the leading provider of washing machines with dryer functions for mobile use, is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Burmeister Caravan Center on Lake Constance. The Burmeister Caravan Center has been a competent partner for motorhomes and caravans on Lake Constance since 1989 and offers a large selection of motorhomes and caravans from leading brands such as CARTHAGO, FENDT, KNAUS, HYMER, MALIBU, MORELO, WEINSBERG, PÖSSL, SUNLIGHT, TABBERT and T @B an.

tinyWASH is proud to work with Burmeister Caravan Center in this new partnership to offer Burmeister customers a high-quality washing machine and dryer function for mobile use. This washing machine is ideal for motorhomes, caravans and caravans and allows customers to wash and dry their laundry independently while on the go. This partnership will allow Burmeister Caravan Center customers to improve their convenience while traveling and wash and dry their laundry right on site without having to worry about where to find a laundromat or do their laundry.< /p>

The washing machine from tinyWASH is compact, lightweight, energy and water saving and therefore perfect for mobile use. It is easy to install and can easily be accommodated in almost any motorhome or caravan.

Burmeister Caravan Center customers can now benefit from the high quality and performance of the tinyWASH washing machine. This washing machine is easy to use and saves customers time and energy by allowing them to wash and dry their laundry on site without having to travel to a laundromat or wait for washing machines at campsites.

tinyWASH is proud to partner with Burmeister Caravan Center and their

Increase reach on the market and now also offers customers another point of contact for purchasing, installation and service in the Lake Constance region.

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