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36 months warranty for tinyWASH WT-1-EU series

In an important step to increase customer trust and emphasize the quality of our products, we are pleased to announce that all devices in the WT-1-EU series will now be supplied with an extended manufacturer's warranty of 36 months, instead of the previous 24 months. This new warranty policy also applies retroactively to all devices delivered since January 1st 2024. In addition, tinyWASH offers its customers the option of extending the warranty period to 5 or 6 years.

Improved customer confidence through extended warranty

The decision to extend the warranty period to 36 months reflects tinyWASH's commitment to delivering the highest quality products and increasing customer confidence in their investment. This extended warranty provides customers with additional peace of mind and demonstrates the manufacturer's confidence in the durability and reliability of its washing machines. For consumers, this means less worry about potential repair costs and more peace of mind when using their appliances.

Optional warranty extension

The option to extend the warranty period up to 5 or 6 years offers tinyWASH customers additional flexibility and protection. This option is particularly attractive for those who use their devices intensively or are looking for additional security. With this extension, customers can use their tinyWASH devices to their full potential without having to worry about possible future failures. This optional warranty extension is a sign that tinyWASH goes beyond the legal minimum and strives to provide maximum support to customers.

Quality and reliability

By extending the warranty period and the possibility of an extension, tinyWASH underlines the high quality and reliability of its products. These measures are not only a win for customers, but also a clear commitment by the company to the longevity of its products. The step emphasizes that tinyWASH is willing to invest in its technology and the satisfaction of its customers.


tinyWASH's extended warranty policy for the WT-1-EU series is a significant step forward in the company's strategy to build customer trust and demonstrate the quality of its products. With the option to extend the warranty up to 6 years, tinyWASH offers its customers additional peace of mind and underlines its commitment to outstanding product quality and customer satisfaction. These innovations are another example of how tinyWASH is cementing its market leadership in the field of mobile washing and drying solutions and strengthening consumer trust in its brand and products.

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