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Niesmann + Bischoff Campers Netherlands

tinyWASH, the leading provider of innovative washing machines with integrated dryers for mobile use, continues its expansion in Europe and proudly announces the availability of its products at Niesmann + Bischoff Campers Nederland. This new partnership signals an important step in tinyWASH's strategy to expand its presence in the Dutch market and better serve the needs of RV enthusiasts in the region.

The partnership with Niesmann + Bischoff Campers Nederland

Through the cooperation with Niesmann + Bischoff Campers Nederland, a renowned dealer for premium motorhomes, tinyWASH will make its high-quality, compact washing machines available to a wider audience in the Netherlands. This partnership underlines tinyWASH's commitment to providing customers across Europe with innovative solutions for greater comfort and self-sufficiency when traveling.

The availability of tinyWASH products at Niesmann + Bischoff Campers Nederland enables motorhome owners to further increase the functionality and comfort of their vehicles. With tinyWASH, users can now enjoy the benefits of efficient, space-saving and environmentally friendly laundry processing, which is particularly invaluable for long-term travelers and adventure seekers.

About Niesmann + Bischoff Campers Nederland

Niesmann + Bischoff Campers Nederland has stood for excellence and quality in the premium segment of the motorhome industry for years. Niesmann + Bischoff offers an impressive range of luxury motorhomes in the Netherlands, known for their innovation, design quality and high standards of comfort. The company places great emphasis on individual customer advice and tailor-made solutions to ensure that each motorhome meets the specific requirements and wishes of its owners.

With a strong focus on technological innovation and sustainable development, Niesmann + Bischoff Campers Nederland is the ideal partner for tinyWASH. The shared values of both companies in terms of quality, customer focus and innovation create a solid basis for this partnership.


The partnership between tinyWASH and Niesmann + Bischoff Campers Nederland marks a significant milestone in the expansion of tinyWASH in Europe. It brings innovative washing and drying solutions to one of the leading providers of premium motorhomes in the Netherlands and offers motorhome owners a new dimension of comfort and self-sufficiency. This collaboration is further evidence of tinyWASH's commitment to expand its market presence and revolutionize the way people live and care for their clothes while traveling. With Niesmann + Bischoff Campers Nederland as a partner, tinyWASH is excellently positioned to conquer the Dutch market and meet customer needs on a new level.

Further information about Niesmann + Bischoff Campers Nederland:

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